Beekman  -  Milk Stick Deodorant

Beekman - Milk Stick Deodorant

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Milk Stick Deodorant
A natural deodorant that truly works. Don’t just mask odor–balance the complex microbiome of your underarms with an invisible deodorant that puts your skin first. Powerful botanical actives combat odor all day long while a powdered goat milk base keeps skin soft & healthy.
- Aluminum and Baking Soda Free
- All-day freshness and odor protection are just a swipe away
- Invisible formula glides on clean each morning, is streak-free, and doesn’t stain clothes.
- 100% natural, crisp, clean citron aroma is great for both guys and gals
- Each stick contains up to 600 swipes of freshness
If this is your first time using a natural deodorant, give your body 30 days to adjust to the formula. During this transition time you'll notice more sweating and a slight odor during the first 2-3 weeks - this is completely normal and a result of your body adapting to an aluminum-free formula. Stick with it and you'll be sweat-free and odor-free in no time..